Monday, June 27, 2011

Great First Day at the Chase House

We had a great kick off of the field school today. Everyone arrived on time and ready to go; we got the hay bales out of the units (thanks to several brave diggers), pumped out most of the water that, unfortunatley, flooded several units over the weekend, and straightened out the unit lines.  We managed to get some digging done after cleaning the units of leaves, slugs, and dirt, and have already found some interesting artifacts.  One unit found an almost whole tabacco pipe, another found a shattered tea cup, and there are many animal bones in several units.  One unit is completely flooding with at least 6 inches of water.  Hopefully by tomorrow the water table will have lessened.

Tomorrow we hope for more great weather and another productive day!   

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  1. Welcome to all our new participants in the Strawbery Banke Archaeology field school at the 1762 Chase House Site. This year promises to be a productive year as we continue are excavation of the kitchen ell and the privy. One of our goals this year is to identify the base of the privy to understand its composition and retrieve any cultural material near its base, including soils containing pollen, seeds and parasites! Stay tuned as the story unfolds!

    Sheila Charles