Friday, June 24, 2011

Remote Sensing at Strawbery Banke

The Strawbery Banke Archaeology Department is working with Dr. Peter Sablock and Dr. Jeanette Sablock of Salem State University who are leading a Geological Science class in conducting geophysical surveys (including ground penetrating radar). Beginning in May 2011, the students focused on the grounds of Puddle Dock. They ran transect lines and used equipment, some of which looked a little like push lawn mowers, traveling along Puddle Dock at regular established intervals. This operation is intended to be the first of several remote sensing surveys conducted at Strawbery Banke Museum over the next few years. Two other sites to be investigated in the future are the grounds of the Yeaton Walsh House and the grounds of the former Pecunis House, where a mikvah or Jewish ritual bath was located and used in the early 20th century.
We look forward to learning the results of their research!

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