Monday, July 17, 2017

So You Think You Can be an Archaeologist? (Camp Edition!)

 Archaeology Camp at Strawbery Banke
The museum hosted an archaeology camp this past week for ages 10-13 that taught the young students the importance and methodology processes involved in the discipline. After learning the meaning of culture and what kind of archaeology happens here (historical archaeology!), they simulated the archaeological process involved with interpreting a historic house or family. Using the Rider-Wood House as a model, they did preliminary research, a mock excavation, washing, and mending of artifacts. After this was completed, they were able to set up a mini exhibit with their artifacts to highlight the history of Mary Rider and her relatives.
Looking at the SBM collection documents about Mary Rider

Mock excavation behind the Rider-Wood House
Washing real artifacts from the Penhallow House excavation

Learning about burial typology at the Point of Graves

Aside from archaeological techniques, the campers learned the importance of group collaboration and artifact preservation that is essential for museums like Strawbery Banke.

This camp runs every 3 years, so it was a pleasure for the collections department to teach children about archaeology's role in preserving the past by providing alternative or extra information to historic documents.

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